Monday, September 27, 2010

War Eagle.

Article by a South Carolina fan on Auburn's Hospitality:

This article made my night-Lets keep it this way Auburn fans!
O and since I was on the topic of Auburn I had to post a few pictures of favorite and the CUTEST auburn fan i know!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Call To Action [Part II]

{Warning: this will be scattered}
Back in May I blogged about the burden on my heart for orphans. The burden has only grown deeper. And recently my heart has been broken for my city. Birmingham, Alabama. As I had continued reading Radical by David Platt I was stuck on this question, "How many of us are embracing the comforts of suburban America while we turn a deaf ear to inner cities in the need of the gospel?" Wow. Let me just answer this question. Most of us.

All of my conservations lately with the Lord have gone a little something like this: "I realize these burdens, but what can I, a 21-year old girl do?"

I had the opportunity to attend an Orphan Care and Adoption Fellowship last night. The Lord truly showed up. About 30 men and women from all over Birmingham gathered in a living room to each share their hearts and gain much needed support. Each person brought a different story to the table but carried the same burden. Some families had adopted-Some had fostered-S0me just wanted to provide financially & Some wanted to know how to get started. By the time I was supposed to share my heart I knew I was done for. I had told myself to hold it together, but lets just say I didn't the slightest bit. But what an overwhelming feeling to know that every one of those men and women were sharing tears along side of me. Unity.

There are so many little details I am leaving out but left me just say: Our God is good! Many doors were opened. New relationships were formed and exciting opportunities to get on board and serve were presented. All I could do was cry when I was made aware of an City Wide Orphan Care Ministry that is beginning. Wow, the Lord's timing is perfect.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer time [Part 2]

This is late but since the fall has now officially started I guess I need to finish up about the rest of my summer :)

We had a blast on our 2nd annual Dewhurst/Swinson camping trip at Elkmont Park.

So glad I got to spend some precious time with my precious niece!

This is rare for the Dewhurst family to be together but we were so thankful to have this time!

Our fourth of July was spent at no other than Lake Wedowee.

A weekend full of good company and food :)

I got a chance to celebrate a special birthday [21] with a special friend. Best friends since 1st grade.

Savannah received a very special gift. She was added to the Wall of Inspiration at Children's hospital along with 50 other children who were nominated by their doctors, nurses, therapists, etc.

I surprised Taylor with tickets to his favorite country artist, Eric Church, and we had a great night!

I was so glad to have all of my friends back home before everyone left again. The older we get the more we cherish these moments.

We had a fun end of the summer/beginning of our senior year of college luau in Auburn the weekend classes started back. I can't express how much I love everyone being in the same place at the same time!