Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer time [Part 1]

So far this summer has been super busy with work and school, but i have managed to have a little bit of fun! Here is an update on what's been going on so far this summer.

Mexican dinner for Chris' going away party! Chris is amazing and will be missed. Kentucky is lucky :)

Got to spend some lovely time with my girls before we all got super busy with summer!

SummerQuest was a long week but was a fantastic one! Joanna found out she was having a BOY this week and we are all so excited!

I was blessed to get to spend my 21st birthday with some amazing friends!

I had to pleasure of attending Sarah Hardekopf and Justin Hefner's wedding on the my birthday. Here is a picture of wonderful friends, including Sarah's beautiful sister and maid-of-honor Katie!

Sarah Hardekopf, one of the most beautiful women on the inside--She was a stunning bride!

Some of my family got to make a quick trip up to Charleston to see my cousins opening of her restaurant Hammett's landing!

The incredible owners of Hammett's Landing. If your ever in Charleston, South Carolina you have to cross on over into Daniel's Island and eat there! It is amazing!

So happy i got to spend some time with my beautiful cousin Tamra.